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We provide free kitchen design software for you to use to design your dream kitchen as well as free home office design software and free wardrobe design software. Try the applet versions if you do not want anything installed on your computer and do not need to save or print your designs. Install the application downloads if you want full functionality including saving and printing. Enjoy!

SmartPack and CruzTech

SmartPack is a very high quality do-it-yourself (diy) cabinet kit system that utilizes the latest computerized manufacturing technology to bring you the best kitchen for your money. CruzTech, LLC, developed this free kitchen design software for SmartPack to allow you to easily design your new beautiful and affordable custom kitchen. To learn more about SmartPack and CruzTech, visit the SmartPack website and the CruzTech website.


Check out the current gallery of kitchen, home office and wardrobe designs by going to the SmartPack design gallery. Come back soon to view more beautiful SmartPack kitchens designed with this free kitchen design software.